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Everyone has different values when it comes to taking care of themselves. Naturally to spend, or not to spend (that is the question) depends entirely on what each person’s priorities are. I was inspired to share my self care philosophy by this.


#Chiropractics Keeping up our spinal health is very important for endless reasons. For us, fashion enthusiasts, unhealthy spinal curves such as straight neck, hunch back and slouching problems are the worst enemy. Restoring healthy curves in the spine not only means you will look 100 times more gorgeous and chic in any outfit of choice but also tension headaches, migraines, neck pain, back pain and some sciatica will disappear in no time. My life’s been so much happier and rosier since I started my regular chiropractic adjustments. It’s definitely worth the investment for your physical and mental wellness.

#Laser Hair Removal I’m just too lazy to shave or wax every time hairs grow back which happens very often. On top of my laziness, I’m a terrible shaver/waxer. I always end up cutting myself here and there or at least irritating my skin too much. That’s why I have opted for pricier laser treatments to permanently get rid of unnecessary hairs. And it’s by far most convenient and no bleeding involved which is a big plus.

#Skincare Products Nothing makes you look youthful and healthy like a supple, glowing and soft skin. No foundation and concealer can hide wrinkly flaky dullness perfectly. Thanks to so many amazing skincare products out there, some of the signs of ageing such as wrinkles, dry patches and other skin issues can be preventable and even reversable. I also find a simple skincare routine very relaxing and therapeutic.


#Eyebrows I love my full eyebrows that signal youthfulness and give my face more definition. Just plucking some stray brow hairs is enough to look fresh and neat in my opinion. Just a bit of eyebrow mascara in taupe to soften my jet black eyebrows is all I spend money on for my eyebrows.

#Hair Color I must admit hair color makes a big difference in anyone’s appearance except I have one good excuse not to go get my hair colored frequently. Aside from the fact that I’m a bit too lazy, hair dye is not healthy to our system. When I do get my hair colored, however, I’m always willing to pay several hundred bucks for good coloring results and possibly healthier ingredients in the dye.

#Nails I think clean and healthy nails can look as good as well polished nails. And I want all the attention to be directed to my makeup or outfit other than my nails. More importantly, I’m not patient enough to wait until nail polish is fully dry. Good thing I save some money in the nail department so I can spend more on other stuffs higher on my priority list.

Do you approve of my self care spends and saves? What is your self care philosophy? Share yours in the comments below♡

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I love drinking tea both hot and cold throughout the day. As I can’t stand the taste of plain water, I would be so dehydrated if it were not for tea. Though there are so many different tea blends, I like these subtley sweet, cinamony, licorice-y, and chocolaty teas most.

Any tea blend with cinnamon lends a subtle sweetness the moment you sip it. Also when a licorice tea washes over the tongue, its sweet flavor fills the entire mouth and vanishes without leaving any unpleasant aftertaste, which is very enjoyable. And chocolate teas make a nice cup of hot chocolate with almond milk and honey.20160122_110253-01

As cinnamony and chocolaty teas taste best when hot, when I want to drink something cold, I would go for Chamomile&Lavender from Harney&Sons Fine Teas(Aren’t their tin packagings so pretty? They are worth collecting in every color) or Peppermint&Licorice from Pukka. They taste great either hot or cold.


1. Chocolate Mint from Harney&Sons

2. Hot Cinnamon Sunset from Harney&Sons

3. Yellow&Blue from Harney&Sons

4. English Breakfast from Harney&Sons

5. Chocolate Cinnamon from Rishi

6. Peppermint&Licorice from Pukka

7. Cinnamon Apple Spice from Celestial

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One of my 2016 resolutions is starting my own art journals as they are a great way to record my memories and to look back on them later on. Not to mention that they are just so beautiful to look at.

Among the various techniques and styles used for art journaling, I feel most drawn to what’s called ‘urban sketching’. Urban sketching looks simple enough to make me feel confident enough to mimic, yet successfully captures important features and mood of each scene quite effectively without being too overwhelming, even for a beginner like me who has little to no experience with drawing or painting except in art classes during school days.

Today I decided to give it a shot and copy two example sketches from “Freehand Drawing & Discovery” by James Richards, as copying is a great way to get started and learn the basics as a beginner. Creativity? I’ll start introducing it to my work once I feel warmed up to urban sketching fully.

The final product of today? Not too bad for a first try, I guess!

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