As much as I’d love to collect and rotate between all the cult skincare products on the market, I don’t want to end up reluctantly putting something stale and less potent on my skin or trashing barely used products later on. That is why I decided as one of my new year’s resolutions to carefully choose one brand at a time and allow myself only to go on the market after I have used most of products I own, not if entirely. However, I love to explore and experiment with different skincare brands and products as well and I am not the most patient person.

How do I deal with this dilemma? I’ve been applying generous amount of each product without being stingy to my skin. So I can fully reap the benefits of them while using them up fast and move on to the next skincare line that I want to try out without anything that goes to waste. That being said, the RMS Beauty Oil and Tata Harper Rejuvenating Serum are sitting there not even half used because they were purchased last year, I repeat, last year. So their existence is totally justified, right..? I’m giving them to my mom who can get more use out of them anyway.


Onto the topic, I recently bought 3 products from Caudalie Paris that I had been eyeing on for a while, which are Premier Cru Eye Cream, Premier Cru The Elixir, Premier Cru The Cream. I opted for Caudalie since the brand is famous for its quality spas and three signature patents: Resveratrol to lift and firm, Viniferine to correct dark spots and brighten, and anti-oxidant rich grape-seed Polyphenols. And Premier Cru has it all! The brand’s website explains “It[Premier Cru]s formula is an exclusive blend of the 3 Caudalie patents (Resveratrol, Viniferine and Polyphenols) combined with the most effective molecules on the market for treating all the signs of ageing (wrinkles, lack of firmness, dark spots, dull complexion, dryness etc). All contained in a divine texture with an oak rose fragrance”. On a side note, the name “Premier Cru” means a wine of a superior grade, or the vineyard that produces it. Just so you know the ingredients in this line are highest quality.



I’ve been so in love with these Premier Cru collections. To start with, they smell divine. It’s very calming and therapeutic when I gently press and tap them into the skin. Don’t let the right-out-of-the-pump consistency fool you! Especially the eye cream and the cream may look thick when just pumped out though, they melt in a second as you warm them up between your fingers and absorb into the skin like a dream. Instant supple, glowy and youthful look! My otherwise dry skin becomes velvety smooth, well hydrated and radiant without feeling heavy or greasy after using them.


I have many other skincare products on my wishlist crying to be tested and loved, however, I think I can wait happily and anxiety-free until I’m completely finished with these. Who knows I might repurchase them rather than go on to try other products?

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