Update on Future Superstar Shakeup, Huge Change Being Made

Despite being denied in a few different reports, new details regarding another Superstar Shakeup in WWE has come out now. The Superstar Shakeup is similar to the former WWE Draft shows that the company used to do. It’s a special week of shows that allows for superstars to be traded to different brands, the first edition took place after Wrestlemania last April. Earlier this year, Raw and Smackdown featured WWE Superstars showing up to new brands unannounced, and it seems that the company is planning to do another roster shift again. Although, this time it appears that there may be some new tweaks made to the program.
The latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter claims that WWE is indeed planning to do another Superstar Shakeup after all and that this one will be taking place not long after SummerSlam next month. The idea is reportedly now for the company to do their Shakeup shows twice a year; after Wrestlemania and SummerSlam, instead of the previous yearly shows. However, this one may involve something very interesting that the last few Draft shows did not have: “reverse drafts.” The Observer claims that this means that it will allow for certain members of the main roster to be drafted down to NXT. It seems likely that NXT callups to the main roster would also be included as well.
It may seem like a strange choice to have superstars move back down to developmental, but it could actually be a benefit to superstars such as Apollo Crews and Dana Brooke, who some have felt were called up to early to the main roster. The Observer noted that, “The moves from the main roster to NXT would be for talents that were major stars in NXT that Vince McMahon simply is not going to push on RAW or SmackDown, even if they are over, or talents who are doing nothing on the main roster with the feeling that they could be more useful as top stars in NXT.” It will be interesting to see what the company decides to do if another Superstar Shakeup is approaching. We should be finding out who is going where shortly after this year’s SummerSlam.

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