Dixie Carter to Appear on Upcoming WWE Documentary

One of the last people that you would expect to appear on WWE programming my is about to make her debut. WWE confirmed today that none other than former TNA President Dixie Carter is going to be appearing on WWE television. She is going to be appearing on the upcoming WWE 24 documentary on Kurt Angle’s return to the company, The news was confirmed by both Carter and WWE earlier today, and it will be airing on the WWE Network this Monday night after Monday Night Raw. Carter worked with Kurt Angle in TNA Wrestling from 2006 to 2016, and she’ll likely talk about her time working with him over the past decade.
Dixie Carter became the President of Jeff Jarrett’s TNA Wrestling company in 2003. She served as the chairman for years and years, and helped lead the company to where it is today. She also began appearing on television in an on-screen role in 2010, where she remained a mainstay on television until her departure. Carter owned TNA for several years, but she was ousted from the company when Anthem Sports & Entertainment purchased her majority stake in the company in 2016. She ran WWE’s main opposing wrestling company for about fifteen years. The news of her appearing on WWE programming, for this reason, comes as a surprise to multiple fans. 
WWE has hired a ton of TNA talent over the past few years. Eric Young, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Bobby Roode, and countless others have joined the promotion in just the last two years. Why not start working with the former president of TNA? She likely has plenty of interesting stories of the times that she worked alongside these wrestlers. WWE always does a tremendous job in producing these truly realistic documentaries on the network though, The recent special on Finn Balor was widely praised, and a special on Goldberg is scheduled to follow. The new documentary on Kurt Angle is going to be airing on the network this Monday after Raw.


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