Sonya Deville Reveals What Name She Originally Planned To Have In WWE

WWE SmackDown Live star, Sonya Deville recently spoke with Sports Illustrated where she revealed the original name she wanted in WWE.

“I originally planned to go by NJ Deville in WWE. That would have paid homage to my MMA nickname, ‘The Jersey Devil.’ Eventually we decided on Sonya Deville, and Deville still represents the New Jersey Devil. Not everyone knows that, but it’s a shout out to my home,” Deville said.

As well as that, Deville discussed how she doesn’t let her sexuality define her in WWE:

“I am not defined by my sexuality. I’m me. I made it public to live my truth and to stand up for those who don’t have that voice, but it doesn’t define me or my in-ring ability. I have a martial arts background. I’ve been with WWE for four years and I’ve worked my ass off, and I have so much left to accomplish inside the ring,” Deville said.

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Sports Illustrated