Killer Kross Calls Out Major WWE Legend After ‘Bloodsport’ Victory

Killer Kross has called out The Animal!

GCW brought back their unique pro-wrestling/MMA hybrid event “Bloodsport” this Saturday night in Atlantic City, and things got a bit wild.

It was the second of its kind branded around 2-time UFC Heavyweight Champion Josh Barnett, featuring a collection of “shoot-style” performances worked in a ring with no ropes, where a decision can only be earned via submission or referee stoppage.

In a match second from the top, Killer Kross earned a victory over Nick Gage with a rear naked choke in front of a red hot crowd. After shaking hands with his opponent, who in fit of rage hurled the referee out of the ring, Kross got on the mic and issued a challenge to none other than retired WWE legend Batista (aka Dave Bautista).

Check out the footage below, compliments of

.@realKILLERkross just called out Dave Bautista and invited him to #Bloodsport!!!!

— WrestleZone on Mandatory (@WRESTLEZONEcom) September 15, 2019