The Road to AEW All Out Ep. 04 – Triplemania Recap, Brandi Drops a Bombshell, Nyla Rose on Finding Acceptance in Wrestling

An all new episode of The Road to All Out has dropped on the All Elite Wrestling YouTube channel, and it is packed full of major announcements as we count down the final weeks to Chicago.

After a graphic paying tribute to the late Harley Race, commentator Alex Marvez welcomes us to the AEW Control Center where he recaps last weekend’s Triplemania event in Mexico, including the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega taking on the Lucha Brothers and Laredo Kid.

Brandi Rhodes then announced that the Casino Battle Royale will return at All Out, and this time it’s going to be an all-women’s match! The winner of the unique 21-woman gauntlet will earn a place in the match to crown the first ever AEW Women’s World Championship. And because they don’t currently have that many women signed to the roster…

We see a video package on Teal Piper, the daughter of the legendary “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. She talks about growing up in the wrestling business, and fans hating and legitimately trying to kill her father because he was playing this iconic character, and Roddy originally not wanting her to be involved in wrestling.

They cut to Jake “The Snake” Roberts who is dressed up as a Las Vegas blackjack dealer. Teal is given her card – which if you remember will reveal her spot in the Casino Battle Royale – and tells the camera that it’s “time to pay the Piper”. Former Lucha Underground star Ivelisse then shows up and is given a card as well.

Jake then lights a cigarette and passes one last card over the table to someone in the darkness that is laughing maniacally. She grabs the card and says “the bitch is back” – it’s Jazz!

The last segment of the new Road To video features Nyla Rose talking about growing up knowing who she is as a transgender woman, and said that was surprised to find that the place she thought would totally shun her, professional wrestling, was the first thing to really make her feel accepted.