Joe Hendry On His Theme Songs, Difference Between Amateur & Professional Wrestling, Starting Amateur Wrestling

Joe Hendry spoke with The Sun recently after announcing he will be going to the Commonwealth Games and he discussed a variety of topics, including if he will create an entrance theme for the competition. Below are some highlights from the interview, with a h/t to The Sun.

Theme Songs

“If the Commonwealth Games were to allow me to make an entrance I’d be all over that. And I am going to make enquiries into whether or not I can supply my own music. If I can, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out there will be some magic taking place. I would never give it away but it would have to be the best entrance ever.”

Difference Between Amateur & Professional Wrestling

“Amateur wrestling is very different and it’s a completely different thrill on the mat. It’s the most intense feeling possible competing against other immense athletes and you find out the most about yourself by doing that.But to me, professional wrestling is the greatest entertainment in the world, I can’t think of another art form that lets you express yourself in as many ways.”

Getting Started With Amateur Wrestling

“We discussed what would happen if a guy from the ICW locker room was to compete in a freestyle amateur wrestling competition. It’s a reverse career progression so I went along and did really well. I very nearly beat the reigning Scottish champion, I was only two points from winning and didn’t know the rules.”